An Overview Of All The Notable Events In Solo Leveling So Far (Part 2)

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Have you ever been so enthralled with an anime that you wanted to know more about its story? Well, if you are a fan of Solo Leveling, then this article is for you! In Part 2 of this post series, we will be taking an overview of all the notable events in Solo Leveling so far and what they mean for the characters and the overall plot. So join us as we dive into the world of Solo Leveling and explore some of its fascinating moments!

8. Significant physical changes
Jin-Woo reawakens and discovers a vast hidden power after escaping the extremely hazardous Double Dungeon. Since then, he has been receiving quests from the “System” on a daily basis. These objectives include a 10 km run, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 100 push-ups. These quests help the formerly frail Jin-Woo gradually gain more buffs. These ‘System’ quests have rewards upon completion, but if you fail them, you are sent to the Penalty Zone and must endure the monsters there for four hours.

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9. Not Wanting to Join a Guild
A long time after being appointed as an E-Rank Hunter, Sung Jin-Woo made his way back to the South Korean Hunter Association. When many people realize that the machines cannot measure Jin-powers Woo, placing him in the S-Rank, he returns to review his Rank, much to their amazement. Given that an S-Rank Hunter is currently unaffiliated with any guild, many guild leaders try to recruit him for their organization. He rejects these offers anyway.

10. The Shadows of Jin-Woo Have Levels
Jin-personal Woo’s army, known as Shadows (Geurimja), was given to him when he turned into a Shadow Monarch. The Grand Marshal is the strongest of these troops, with the other levels including Elite, Normal, Elite Knight, Knight, Marshal, and Commander. As Jin-Woo levels up, these ranks and their appearances also rise.

11. Achieved the rank of Shadow Monarch
Jin-Woo became a Mage-Hunter with the specific role of a Necromancer after completing the job change quest, and he was later promoted to Shadow Monarch. He gains the skill known as Shadow Extraction by becoming a Shadow Monarch, which enables him to call upon the Shadows of defeated opponents to fight for him, including magic beasts or people. He can also go solo during raids, thanks to this.

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12. Cha Hae-In and Jin-romantic Woo’s relationship.
Hae-In and Sung Jin-Woo have a unique bond. Hunter Cha had fallen in love with the main character, Jin-Woo, ever since they had first met in the dungeon after smelling Jin-unique Woo’s mana scent. At the same time, Jin-Woo is smitten by Cha’s abilities and great sense of smell. You can see how they interact, differ in their ways of speaking, and even go on a date to an amusement park after that encounter.

13. Other Ordinary Creatures
Along with monsters, shadows, demons, and non-demons, this manhwa also features other creatures like the Rulers, which are angel-like beings that stand in for the light. Initially, there were eight Rulers. Additionally, some hunters who are reawakened may pass on their abilities to them. In addition, there are Monarchs who stand in opposition to Rulers. The dark is symbolized by monarchs, who were originally eight. Hunters like Jin-Woo can be reawakened by monarchs, who can also inherit their powers.

14. Dancer Cha Hae-In
Hae-In is a longsword-wielding combatant. She is obviously a formidable combatant. Her skill in combat has earned her the moniker “The Blade Dancer.” Additionally, according to Jin-Woo, Hae-In has the ability to surpass their guild leader and even match the achievements of Go Gun Hee, the former head of the hunter association. Evidently, she eventually succeeded in overtaking the late Gun Hee to become the second-most potent Hunter in South Korea.

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We sincerely hope that this blog has given you a glimpse into the thrilling world of Solo Leveling. So if you’re an anime fan, then why not give Solo Leveling Merch a try? Who knows what kind of interesting things await!