Who Are The 10 Strongest Characters In Solo Leveling? (Part 2)

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If you’re a fan of the hit Korean web novel Solo Leveling, then this article is for you. In Part 2 of our series, we’ll take a closer look at who the 5 remaining strongest characters in Solo Leveling are and what makes them so powerful. From mysterious humans to fierce monsters, get ready to meet the most powerful characters in Solo Leveling!

6. Monarch Of Frost Character

In terms of power, the Monarch of Frost is another strong monarch in the top tier. The Monarch, also known as the King of Snow Folk, is an ice elf who relies on ice magic and has ice-based skills. In order to accomplish his goals, he builds and controls ice golems.
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The majority of the Monarch’s powers depend on the ability to craft ice-based weaponry like ice arrows and spears. In addition, he is capable of freezing other strong beings and encasing them in solid ice, which is only possible at extremely low temperatures.
7. Monarch Of Beastly Fangs Character

The King of Beasts, also known as the Monarch of the Beastly Fangs, is one of the most potent Monarchs. His confrontation with Thomas Andre, the strongest hunter in the USA, during which he managed to defeat him while holding back, displayed his raw might.
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In the manga, just his mere presence was enough to make strong hunters shudder. He rarely employs mana-based assaults because his strengths are his main ability. The Monarch is a coward who runs away when he faces a bigger foe, despite his formidable strength.
8. Bellion Character

The most powerful shadow ever to have served Ashborn, the Shadow Monarch, is Bellion, who is famed for his might. Moreover, he served as Ashborn’s military power’s Grand Marshal. In the Battle with the main character against some of the Monarchs, who were formidable beings, Bellion demonstrated that the title placed upon him was not for show.
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Bellion, like the Heavenly Beings, was born of the World Tree, which is one of the causes of his incredible strength. The encounter with Beru, where Bellion withstood a blow meant to easily injure his head, was another instance of his strength in action.
9. Monarch Of The Beginning Character

Legia, the King of Giants and Monarch of the Beginning, is yet another strong character in solo leveling. His tremendous physical strength is one of this character’s strong characteristics. The Monarch manages to demonstrate his amazing strength at one point in the manga despite being restrained.
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The wind pressure ability, which The Monarch of the Beginning uses to create and control wind pressure, helps him make up for his lack of essential mana. The Monarch was a spellcaster as well, which gave him the ability to force his enemies to tell the truth; it was impossible to deceive such a strong Monarch.
10. Monarch Of The Iron Body Character

One of the most powerful characters for solo leveling is the Monarch of the Iron Body, King of Monstrous Humanoids. The Monarch was first presented to readers in the Japan Crisis arc of Solo Leveling, where he and the Beast Monarch murdered Chris, the third-best hunter in the United States, and dismembered his corpse. The ability Erasure, which erases one’s whole existence from the cosmos, is only available to a select few characters, including this Monarch.
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He was strong, yet he tried to use his abilities to stop the Frost Monarch from attacking Sung Jin-woo, the Shadow Monarch. In the manga, the Monarch of the Iron Body has the power to transform into a monstrous-appearing golem, thanks to his Spiritual Body Manifestation talent. The Monarch of the Iron Body attempted to use his power of manifestation to destroy Bellion, Beru, a renowned hunter named Thomas, and Sung Jin-servant, woo’s Beru.
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